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First Comes Love by Whitney Lyles

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Cate and Ethan have just had a scare. They have been married five months and Cate thinks she is pregnant. They wanted to wait at least a year and aren’t sure they are ready. But when they realize that it is a false alarm, Ethan and Cate realize how disappointed they truly are. So begins their quest to get pregnant.

At first they are gung-ho and are trying ever chance they get. This leads to Ethan getting hurt in a sensitive area and still no baby. Eventually, they get pregnant and couldn’t be happier. And then the morning sickness kicks in and Cate is stuck in bed for three months leaving Ethan to run their catering business alone. And then she is asked to be maid of honor in Ethan’s cousin Denise’s wedding, which includes Ethan’s ex and a wedding date on their baby’s due date. And a very scary groom.

All the chaos of pregnancy, other friends having their babies, a friend having a miscarriage, and the wedding from hell, Cate can’t wait to have her baby and happy ending. And in the end, when all is said and done, Cate would do it all over again!

This is the third book featuring Cate and Ethan. Always a Bridesmaid is how Cate and Ethan get together. Here Comes the Bride is about their wedding. All three books are funny, sweet, and enjoyable reads. I recommend reading all three and hoping Whitney Lyles writes a fourth one with Cate and Ethan!


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