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I’m the Vampire, That’s Why by Michele Bardsley

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Jessica Matthews is a single mom. One night while taking the garbage out, she is attacked by a werewolf. When she comes to, she is sucking the thigh of a strange yet extremely hot man. It turns out he is a vampire and in order to save Jessica’s life he has turned her into a vampire also. Jessica wasn’t the only one attacked that night. Ten other single parents of the small town Broken Heart, Oklahoma were also attacked. They too were turned into vampires.

Now with a town full of vampires who can’t take care of their children during the day, the town is going to get a makeover. Night will become day and day will become night. That’s not all. It turns out Jessica is meant to be with Patrick O’Halloran, the vamp who turned her. And of course there are those pesky evil vamps who want to destroy the citizens of Broken Heart and Jessica most of all.

With lots of humor and sexy vampires, I’m the Vampire, That’s Why, is an excellent read. And of course with Jessica quoting the movie, The Princess Bride, all the time, you’ll want to check that out too!


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