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Next to Die by Marliss Melton

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Penny Price has had a crush on her neighbor, Joe Montgomery, forever. Joe is a Navy SEAL. He has just returned from a horrific mission in which he was the only survivor. He is not handling it well. After one too many drunken nights, Penny butts in and tries to help Joe. Joe is reluctant to talk but slowly opens up to Penny.

Penny’s sister Lia has moved in with Penny after getting some disturbing crank calls. Five years ago their dad had died in a car accident and just recently they found his journal indicating that it may have been murder. Lia takes their suspicions to the FBI. After leaving the FBI, Lia rear ends another vehicle. Broke, Lia agrees to take the man she hit out to dinner instead of paying for the damage. Of course, she stands him up because she has no clue who he is. But it turns out Vinnie is a Navy SEAL and very interested in Lia.

Action, romance, and a conspiracy, Next to Die, is a thrilling book. This is the fourth book in the Navy SEAL series by Melton. This book can be read without reading the other three books, but if you are like me and need to read books in order then Forget Me Not is the first book.

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