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Up Close and Dangerous by Linda Howard

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Bailey Wingate just wanted to go on vacation. Two weeks of rafting with her brother and his wife seemed like heaven. So you can image how upset she is when the plane she is on decides to crash unto a mountainside. Cam Justice was at home sleeping when is partner called and asked Cam to cover a flight because he was sick. Cam agreed and next thing he knows he is saving himself and Bailey from completing crashing into a mountain. After the crash, Bailey gets a unconscious Cam out of the airplane and bandages his head and warms him up. After Cam regains consciousness, he realizes that the plane was sabotaged. Bailey is despised by her late husband’s two children. Of course, it doesn’t help that she is three years younger than Seth, the son, and in charge of their monthly allowance. Bailey and Cam come to the conclusion that one of her stepchildren might by involved. With the will to survive and the promise of love, Cam and Bailey will do anything to survive and find out who was behind this horrific incident.

Another great book by Linda Howard. She always has the right amount of suspense and romance in her books. My absolute favorite by her is Mr. Perfect.

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