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Inferno Collection by Jacqueline Seewald

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The quintessential librarian mystery! The main character, an amateur sleuth, is an Academic Librarian who spends her days hunting down a murderer and her nights sleuthing for graduate students at the Reference Desk. An interesting amalgam of ‘librariana’ and quickly paced mystery. The term, ‘Inferno Collection’ refers to those items that used to be kept behind the desk because they were deemed by the librarian to be too ribald or too fragile to allow unqualified access. A more mysterious discovery of the items in this collection, and their meaning might have added a more ‘Da Vinciesque’ flavor to this story. Instead, the author adds a little more than necessary of other things by incorporating Satanic worship and a love story that doesn’t really talk much about what the character is feeling. Wouldn’t we all rather know what a librarian is really feeling behind all that professionalism?


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