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The Bright Side of Disaster by Katherine Center

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When a complete stranger dies in a plane crash, it sets a series of life changes in motion for a nine-month pregnant Jenny Harris. As it is getting closer to her due date, her fiance, Dean, becomes more and more emotionally distant. He disappears just days before she goes into labor, leaving only a note confessing that the girl who died in the plane crash was someone from his office, someone he was falling in love with.

Although devastated and heartbroken, Jenny quickly adjusts to life as a single mother and an acquaintance with a new neighbor becomes just the friendship Jenny needs. Just when the line between friendship and romance begin to blur between Jenny and Gardner, Dean comes back into town. Now Jenny has to make the toughest decision of her life…to reunite her family or to follow her heart.

Center’s debut is predictable, but reader’s will admire Jenny’s resilience that enables her to survive motherhood alone and will be hoping for the happy ending she deserves.


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