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Rethinking Thin: The New Science of Weight Loss by Gina Kolata

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Don’t let the word science scare you away from reading this fascinating examination of the history of weight loss studies and the weight loss industry. Gina Kolata manages to explain even the most complicated scientific processes in such an accessible way that I could not put this book down. Kolata researched every weight loss study imaginable and manages to make the findings not just readable to the average person but interesting as well. She doesn’t necessarily uncover any big, dark secrets, but she brings to the forefront the reality that the billion-dollar weight loss industry doesn’t want you to know–genetics plays a significant role in our level of fatness/thinness. There’s proof and it’s being ignored by the scientific community as well as the myriad companies that profit off our failures. Kolata states that scientists have already discovered the peptide on the chromosone that makes people fat–the trick now is finding a way to alter that. It may not be that far away. This eye-opening book will change the way people of all shapes and sizes think about weight and will-power. While the message is sobering, it’s not entirely pessimistic–it’s about being realistic.


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