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It Must be Magic by Jennifer Skully

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Lili Goodweather talks to animals. Well not so much talks but can see the images in an animal’s mind and interpret it and vice verse. When Lili moves next door to the Rutlands, she finds herself being asked to find out what is wrong with the family cat, Fluffy. When she communicates with him, she realizes that Fluffy has witnessed a murder. Single dad Tanner Rutland doesn’t believe Lili, but agrees to search the woods with her to look for a dead body. When the body is found, Tanner is still skeptical of Lili’s ability, but his twelve year old daughter, Erika, and his dad Roscoe believe. They also believe Lili is perfect for Tanner.
With a little matchmaking, mystery and hot love scenes, It Must be Magic, is a summer read that will have you believing in magic.


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