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Emma (Volume #1) by Kaoru Mori

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Set in Victorian England, the young William Jones works for his family’s wealthy mercantile business. When William makes a visit to his old governess, he meets her maid, the beautiful Emma, and there is an instant attraction. He offers to buy her new glasses in an attempt to court her, but Emma is reluctant to accept the generous offer. A few days later, William’s friend and the price of India, Hakim, pays a visit to William, and causes some competition, as he is quite smitten with Emma as well. Emma seems to have many potential suitors, but turns them all down. When William’s father wants him to marry the rich girl from the ball who is of the same “class,” and William refuses, tensions begin to rise.

Emma is a chalk full of romance and intrigue that is set to a classic English backdrop which will appeal to Manga readers or readers of classic love stories who are willing to try an alternative format. There are currently four books in the series.


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