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Dedication by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

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What would you do if your ex became a famous recording artist at your expense? If you were Katie Hollis, you would make him regret his entire existence. That is the “plan” anyway, but it is becoming much more complicated than Katie had anticipated.

Katie’s first love, first everything, Jake Sharpe, left her with no explanation shortly after their senior year of high school. He moved west and became famous singing songs about not only their most intimate sexual moments but also about Katie’s mother’s infidelity, which ultimately brought shame to her and her family. Now in her thirties, Katie gets a call from her best friend Laura informing her that Jake is back in town, and she soon discovers her plan is much more complicated, especially when everyone has a something to lose.

The chapters in the book alternate between past and present, which keeps us engaged as we wonder what will happen next, but are left hanging until the story goes back to where it left off. I was pleasantly surprised at how much heart the story had, and I could really empathize with Katie’s “coming of age” experiences, from her first crush to her first love.

McLaughlin and Kraus also co-wrote Citizen Girl and The Nanny Diaries, which will be a feature film staring Scarlett Johansen set to be released in September.


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