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Life’s a Beach by Claire Cook

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Unemployed and in her forties, Ginger Walsh is still trying to figure life out, and the pressure is on now that her parents are moving into a townhouse and she will have to vacate her FROG (Furnished Room Over Garage). In addition to her housing arrangements causing disruption, she is still unsure about her career (at the moment she sells seaglass jewelry), her relationship with her noncommittal boyfriend, Noah, doesn’t seem to be moving forward, and her sister Geri is having a small crisis about turning fifty.

Ginger ponders what opportunities could possibly present themselves in a small town like Marshbury, Mass. All that is about to change, now that a Jaws-like movie is being filmed in Ginger’s home town, with her nephew Riley as one of the extras. When a flirtation starts with one of the movie’s crew, Ginger questions what she wants in life–both professionally and personally.

Although there doesn’t seem to much driving the plot, you will fall in love with Cook’s quirky characters, from her moving-driven mother who buries a statue of St. Joseph in the yard because she believes it will give them the luck they need to sell their house to her “hi-ya toots” father, who is bringing more junk back from the Take It or Leave It than he is dropping off.

Cook is the bestselling author of Multiple Choice, Ready to Fall, and Must Love Dogs, which was also made into a feature film staring Diane Lane.


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