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Night Echoes by Holly Lisle

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Emma Beck has found The House. She has been painting variations of it since she was 5 years old. Emma buys The House and hires Mike Ruhl, a contractor, to help her fix up the house. Once Emma is in The House, she feels at home with the exception of the room at the top of the stairs. Whenever she enters it, Emma is frozen with fear. There is also the noises only Emma can hear. And then when she wakes in the mornings, she is stiff and sore and can’t understand why. When Emma and Mike meet for the first time, it is like they have know and loved each other forever. Overwhelmed by her feelings, Emma starts to mistrust everyone around her. Is it reincarnation? Is she being possessed? Are there really ghosts? Emma and Mike try and figure out what happened long ago in The House and if the past will be repeated in the future. With an intense love, a creepy house, and a cat that few can see, Night Echoes, is a great paranormal romance that will keep you interested from start to finish.


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