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Second Chance by Jane Green

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When their friend Tom is killed in a terrorist attack, his friends from college reunite and rekindle their friendship. Holly lives in a beautiful house, with her wonderful husband and two perfect children. But are things as wonderful as they appear to be? Paul is married to a beautiful and successful fashion entreprenuer and life is just about perfect, but they’re struggling to concieve a child. Saffron is an actress who lives in L.A., still waiting for the “breakthrough” role, and having a secret affair with one of the most famous men in the world. Olivia’s lover has just walked out, and she finds herself single again after 7 years in the relationship. As these friends rebuild their friendship and work through their grief together, they also learn about navigating through the minefield of midlife crisis and change. Will Saffron’s lover leave his wife to be with her? Will Olivia’s blind date lead to anything? Will Paul and Anna’s baby dreams come true? Will Holly be able to make her marriage work? These questions and more will keep keep you reading Second Chance.


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