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The Other Woman by Jane Green


Ellie Black, an only child whose mother died when she was in grade school, is about to be married to Dan Cooper, the man of her dreams. She thinks she will be gaining not only a doting husband, but also the family she never had but always dreamed of ….so she thinks. Enter Linda Cooper, Dan’s overbearing mother who turns Ellie’s small wedding into a black-tie affair. Linda’s interference into their lives doesn’t stop there, and when Linda is responsible for an accident with their infant son, Ellie has decided Linda has gone to far. The tensions between Dan and Ellie rise, with their marriage quickly dissolving. Can Ellie swallow her pride and forgive Linda? Ellie’s narration at the start of Green’s novel appears drab and shallow. However, as the novel progresses, Ellie gains introspection that gives her character depth that will have readers not only sympathizing with her, but will also be rooting for her.


2 thoughts on “The Other Woman by Jane Green

  1. This sounds heavy for a Chick Lit lover — is there any humor in the book?

  2. There are some elements of humor, but it is more ironic humor (like I can’t believe her mother-in-law would do that) than laugh out humor. She does address some heavier issues, but she pulls it off with her witt that perhaps another author would not be able to do. Personally, I liked that this book had more “meat” than some of the other chick lit. If you are looking for chick lit with a lot of humor, you should try the Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic series.

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