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Casey Stein (Nicholas Hoult) is an American who winds up in Germany. He ends up staying and working for drug smugglers and falls in love with Juliette (Felicity Jones). He quits his job and lives happily with Juliette. Until she because sick and they need to get back to the States for an operation. He needs to make money quick and goes to his old boss. He is given a job to steal a truckload of drugs. When he fails, Juliette is kidnapped and now Casey will do anything to get her back, even if it means sacrificing himself.

This was a pretty good action movie. A lot of car chasing scenes that were fun and a pretty decent storyline. Also starring, Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley.  Rated PG-13

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The Child by Fiona Barton

Although not billed as a series, reporter Kate Waters from Barton’s debut, The Widowreturns as she begins to investigate when an infant’s bones are found on a construction site in London. A mother of two other children, Angela Irving’s baby, Alice, disappeared from the hospital in the 70’s and was never found. She is hoping that DNA samples will prove a match so that she knows what happened to her baby all those years ago. The police believe the body was buried sometime in the 80’s, which brings about more questions than answers.

Emma learns about the baby, whose remains were found in the garden of her old home, from Kate’s article in the paper. Although she was kicked out at sixteen, Emma harbors a dark secret from that neighborhood during the days she lived there with her selfish mother Jude and Jude’s boyfriend, Will.

Kate’s investigation has her confronting the major players in the neighborhood during that time period as she unravels what exactly happened to baby Alice.

A very well done dark suspense novel that is equal to, if not better, than Barton’s debut. There is a twist that this reader did not see coming that proves what a clever story Barton has weaved. If you are into the psychological suspense novels like me, this one is a sure bet.

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All We Had

Thirteen year old Ruthie (Stefania Owen) and her mom Rita (Katie Holmes) are struggling to keep up their hand to mouth existence, despite the fact that Rita is working more than on job. On the brink of eviction from their apartment, they hit the road, living out of their car.  Their car breaks down, and out of money, they find themselves stranded in a small town. Luckily, they’re able to get jobs at a local diner, and soon, things start looking up for them.  They’ve got an apartment, Ruthie is settling in at school, and she’s even got a best friend – Peter Pam (Eve Lindley), a transgender teen who also works at the diner. And when Rita starts dating Vic (Mark Consuelos), a persuasive mortgage broker, the two buy their first house.  Things are going really well,  but when the recession hits, and business starts to slow down at the diner, they may find themselves right back where they started.

Based on the novel by Annie Weatherwax, and directed by Katie Holmes, this movie is a poignant portrayal of one family’s struggle to stay afloat when everything seems to be going against them. Not rated. Also featuring: Richard Kind, Judy Greer, and Luke Wilson.

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My Sister’s Grave

A sister missing for 20 years,  a small town in Washington state, a questionable trial and a wicked snowstorm make for a good story in this first installment of the Tracy Crosswhite series.

Tracy Crosswhite is a homicide detective in Seattle. Twenty years ago she left her sister to drive home alone and she disappeared.  Her grave is found after 20 years in the forest outside their small town of Cedar Grove.  Tracy has always thought the man put in prison for her murder was not guilty. She found too many inconsistencies during the trial.

After her sister’s body is found, Tracy helps put in motion an appeal for Edmund House, the man convicted of killing her. Sadly, everything is not what she thinks and she ends up in peril.

I enjoyed this thriller, it kept me reading. I will continue reading the series.

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David Hendrix (Dominic Purcell) is on leave from his SWAT team due to an incident. He has been saddled with a reckless hard partying movie star, Brody Walker (Cody Hackman), who is doing research for a movie. David ends up taking Brody to a police training facility but what they don’t realize is that there is a secret vault of seized items. Soon the facility is under attack and now David doesn’t know who he can trust. But he knows that he needs to protect the vault at any cost.

I actually liked this movie. Usually straight to DVD movies aren’t the greatest but this one was pretty good. It was very action packed and even had Danny Glover! Also starring, Stephen Lang, Vinnie Jones, and Trish Stratus.  Rated R

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Royally Romanov by Teri Wilson

Lucky to be alive, an attack near Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral left Maxim Laurent with temporary memory loss. The only item he has in his possession is a leather journal that claims he is Maxim Romanov, descent of the Russian Imperial Romanov and grandson to Anastasia, who purportedly could have escaped execution and lived in exile.

He visits a local bookstore where author and assistant curator at the Louvre, Finley Abbot, is holding a book signing about her book on Romanov history. Finley agrees to help Maxim in his quest for answers. There’s chemistry between the two, even at first sight, but her interest in Maxim and in learning the truth causes a conflict of interest that might jeopardize her career.

As Maxim slowly begins to regain his memory, he discovers he might not be the person he claims and will have to hide the truth to protect the woman who has captured his heart.

A contemporary retelling of Anastasia chalk full of elegance in the most romantic city in the world is a delight in this second book in The Royals series. Wilson (Royally Roma) crafts love scenes that are sexy and passionate and align perfectly with the backdrop and absorbing plot that will have wide appeal.

Originally published in Xpress Reviews: E-Originals | July 7, 2017

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Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris

For appearance sake, Grace and Jack Angel seem to be the perfect couple. They live in the perfect house and Grace is the perfect host at their dinner party with neighbors and friends.

Grace first met her husband Jack at a local park when her sister Millie, who has downs syndrome, was dancing away. He offered Millie a dance and to take them both for tea. Handsome and successful, Jack is an attorney representing victims of domestic violence.  Not only does he seem to have fallen for Grace, he adores Millie, which means more to Grace than anything in the whole word.  You see, Grace will become Millie’s full time guardian once she turns eighteen and is not eligible to stay at her school any longer. Grace’s plan is to have Millie in her home, but now that she is with Jack, the two will welcome Millie and live as a happy family.

After six months of courtship, they marry and honeymoon in Thailand.  The night of their wedding, Jack leaves while she is napping and doesn’t return for several days. When he returns to pick her up, he has news for Grace. He is anything but the doting, loving husband he has pretended to be. He has carefully orchestrated a plan to make Grace a prisoner and he even has more sinister plans for Millie once she turns eighteen.

Readers will be hoping that Grace can prevail and find her way out of this unthinkable ordeal she has found herself in. This twisty, dark novel isn’t for the faint of heart, but is another recommended addition to the popular psychological suspense books as of late. If you liked Fiona Barton’s The Widow and Ruth Ware’s The Woman in Cabin 10then Behind Closed Doors is guaranteed to be right up your alley.