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Delicious. Series 1

As the owner of a high end hotel and restaurant in the Cotswolds, life is good for chef Leo (Iain Glen).  Business is good, and with his beautiful second wife Sam (Emilia Fox) at his side, helping to oversee the hotel, it just makes things even better. Why, Leo has even managed to maintain a good relationship with his first wife Gina (Dawn French). Appearances can be deceiving though. Sam suspects that Leo’s having an affair. She knows the signs – after all, Leo left his first wife for her. Swallowing her pride, Sam approaches Gina for help. When the truth does come out, there are consequences that are more far reaching than anyone could have predicted.

With its beautiful settings and gorgeous food, this soapy melodrama is pure escapist viewing at its best. Available on hoopla, and coming soon to our DVD collection.

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Claire Foy (The Crown) plays Sawyer Valentini, a young woman who is starting over in a new city but is having problems adjusting. She decides to see a counselor on her lunch break. She feels better after speaking to someone and signs some paperwork the therapist says is just their standard, boilerplate documents. She is waiting in the lobby to book her next appointment when she is called in back.

The next thing she knows, she is told that she voluntarily signed herself into a psychiatric ward. They took her phone and purse but allow her one phone call. She calls the police, who don’t take her seriously, since they receive those types of phone calls regularly.

She has no choice but to wait out her time, but her behavior gets her stay extended. One of the nurses that administers the medications is the man who was stalking her and the reason she left Boston. Of course, no one believes her. What will her stalker do her before she can get out (and if she can get out)?

This was pretty entertaining with a suspenseful plot to keep you interested throughout (plus an unexpected cameo). Recommended. Rated R

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The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand

Hilderbrand returns to the setting of all her books – the small island of Nantucket.

Zoologist Celeste Otis and Benji are to be married at the home of Benji’s parent’s, Greer and Tag Winbury, estate on the water. Celeste’s small, middle-class family includes only her father and mother, who is dying from terminal cancer, but made it to Nantucket to see her only child married. The whole family feels out of place next to the Winbury’s extravagant home and want to make a good impression on their future son-in-law.

The morning of the wedding, Celeste discovers her best friend and maid-of-honor, Merit, dead on the beach. At first glance, the death looks like an accident. However, as police Chief Ed Kapenash begins to interview the guests and major players in the Otis and Winbury families, secrets begin to unravel, revealing several suspects who have motive and could want Merit dead.

Lots of drama amp up the plot to make this another winner from bestselling author Hilderbrand.

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Have hoopla, will travel!

Planning a trip? Or maybe you’re planning some quality armchair travel time. Either way, hoopla’s got you covered! Travel guides? Check! What about a romance in an exotic location to listen to in the car? Check! I’d really like to see a video about the Appalachian Trail? Got it! Read a book, listen to a story, watch a video. Start your journey here.

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Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris

Finn lost his girlfriend, Layla, on their drive back to London from France. They stopped at a rest stop and when Finn came back from the toilets, she had disappeared. He had seen a car leaving in the distance and always believed that Layla had been abducted. After an investigation, and without any evidence, the police let Finn go.

Fast forward several years, and now Finn had formed a romantic relationship with Ellen, Layla’s older sister, and the two are engaged to be married. Both Ellen and Layla had a set of Russian nesting dolls growing up but one of Ellen’s had gone missing. Now a Russian doll shows up outside their house, and Ellen wants to believe that Layla might still be alive. Finn has been receiving anonymous emails that suggest that someone knows where Layla lives, but he hasn’t shared any of this with Ellen.

Finn’s behavior and short-temper often seems suspect, so readers will question whether he actually killed Layla. However, Bring Me Back has a twist you probably wouldn’t see coming that made this book a decent thriller.

I’ve read all of Paris’ books, but Behind Closed Doors remains my favorite.

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Tyler Perry’s Acrimony

Taraji P. Henson stars as Melinda, a college student, who meets Robert on campus. The two start dating, and shortly after, Mel’s mother dies, leaving her their house and several hundred thousand in life insurance money. Her older sisters had never liked Robert, questioning his intentions with Mel and suspecting he just might be after her money. Robert has spent his college career working on a battery that will recharge itself, which he believes will make them millions one day, and promises Mel a boat and the home of their dreams.

Fast forward to several years later and Robert is still working on his battery. Mel works two jobs to support them and has lost all of her inheritance from her mother. In fact, they’ve had to remortgage her mother’s house to try to keep up with bills as all of their income gets sucked into Robert’s battery invention.

Mel is completely burned out and can’t take supporting Robert financially anymore, so she asks for a divorce. Once the divorce is over, Robert’s battery business takes off and he has a new girlfriend. But Mel wants her old life back, all the things he promised her, and damages for all the years she supported him. And she will do whatever it takes to get it all back.

This movie was entertaining and kept my interest, but Henson’s acting is over the top, which might turn off some viewers. Rated R

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Dangerous Curves Ahead by Sugar Jamison

Ellison “Ellis” Garrett has completely changed her life. She quit her job as a lawyer, broke up with her boyfriend, and moved back to her hometown. She opened a clothing store for women who just can’t find cute clothes to fit there bodies- the plus size, the tall ones, the short ones, the ones with large feet. She finally feels like herself.

One day at the bakery, she gets into an argument with her ex’s aunt. Coming to her rescue, even though she doesn’t need it, is Michael Edwards. Ellis is shocked. She had a crush on him four years ago when he dated her perfect and thin sister, Dina. But as they talk Ellis realizes that Mike doesn’t remember her. Feeling a little let down, Ellis figures she will never see him again. To her surprise, she finds out he lives here and is on the police force. Now she keeps running into him and he keeps flirting with her. Ellis starts a relationship with him but they are both bringing baggage with them. Will they be able to let go of the past to have a future together?

I really liked this book. Being a plus sized girl myself, I enjoy reading about body positive characters. If you like a cute romance story with funny characters, then I recommend this one!