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Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott

When Kit Owens was a teenager she had a friend named Diane Fleming. Diane was a beautiful, untouchable girl. She was the smartest in the class and helped push Kit to be more then she ever thought she could be. But then Diane tells Kit a terrible secret and everything changes. It has been ten years since Kit has seen Diane. But all that changes.

Kit has gone on to become a scientist and works in the lab of Dr. Serevin, who gave Kit her scholarship senior year of high school over Diane. Dr. Serevin has received a grant to work on understanding PMDD and there is only room for two people on the team. And one spot has been filled by a new recruit, Diane Fleming. Kit is shocked when she comes face to face with her former friend. But a new secret will tie them together in a way Kit never saw coming.

This was pretty good. I figured out the secret but not what was going to happen next. I think you were supposed to like Kit but I didn’t. If you are into psychological thrillers, I would give this one a try.


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There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

Makani Young has moved to Nebraska from Hawaii to live with her grandma. Her parents are essentially divorced and have shipped her there after a disastrous incident took place. Now a senior, Makani is just counting the days until graduation. She has two really close friends and a crush on the token loner guy, Ollie. Everything is going good until the first murder.

One by one students are being killed. Makani is almost one of the victims but is able to escape. She is able to give the police new clues, including that the killer is male and comes into the victim’s houses and gaslights them first and then comes back and kills them. Makani doesn’t want to sit around and wait for the killer to come back for her, so she enlists Ollie and together they try and figure out who the killer will target next. Will they be able to find the killer in time? Or will the next victim be someone close to them?

This book was so good. And it was so creepy. It really freaked me out. Especially the fact that someone is in your house, moving things around, just messing with you and then they kill you. Creepy!

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Davis (Dwayne Johnson) works with primates in San Diego. He is especially tight with George, an albino ape, he rescued as a baby. One night a container falls from the sky. George comes across it and gets sprayed in the face with a mist. The next day Davis comes to work and finds George in the grizzly bears area. One grizzly is dead and George is a mess. He is also way bigger than he was the day before. The government shows up and takes George. But George is being called to Chicago. And George isn’t the only one. Can he be stopped?

This movie was action packed and entertaining. I really liked it especially with The Rock in it! also starring, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Naomie Harris, Malin Ackerman, and Joe Manganiello. Rated PG-13

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I’ve Got My Eyes On You by Mary Higgins Clark

High school senior Kerry Dowling is found dead in the pool of her parent’s Saddle River, NJ home, while they were away. It looks like she had a party that evening with her friends, but the motive for her death remains unclear.

Jamie, Kerry’s neighbor, who has a developmental disability, believes Kerry is just sleeping when he goes over to swim with her. Worried that the police will consider Jamie a suspect, his mother convinces Jamie not to tell anyone he was over at Kerry’s house the night of her murder.

Then there is Kerry’s boyfriend, Alan, who had gotten into a fight with Kerry shortly before she was murdered. The detective on the case is working with Kerry’s older sister, a counselor at the local high school, to see if they can locate the killer.

In typical MHC fashion there are a lot of characters to keep the list of suspects high. This is a short, simple novel of suspense that fulfills it’s purpose of being entertaining but there is nothing particularity lasting here.

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Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Rachel Chu is going to Singapore for the summer. Her boyfriend and fellow professor, Nicholas Young, is taking her. They are going for his best friend’s wedding and then spending the rest of the summer hanging out. But Rachel is in for a rude awakening. Nick is part of one of the oldest and richest families in Singapore. He has never told Rachel because he didn’t think it would matter. But once in Singapore, Nick realizes what a mistake that was not telling her. The family is all about pedigree and won’t stand by and let Rachel become Nick’s wife.

Nick’s cousin Astrid is the envy of all. She is beautiful, rich, and married to gorgeous man. She thinks is happy until she finds a dirty text on her husband’s phone. His other cousin Edison, is not satisfied with anything he has. He is rich and has a great family but it is not enough. He needs to always have the newest things. And there is an assortment of other characters in the family that we get to know.

I really liked this book. It is part of a trilogy and going to be a movie this summer. All the characters are great and there are footnotes to help explain and translate.

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After Anna by Lisa Scottoline

On Easter Sunday, Maggie receives a phone call from her teenage daughter who is away at boarding school in Maine. This phone call is monumental since this is the first she has heard from Anna since she was an infant. Maggie was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis shortly after Anna’s birth, and her ex-husband had Maggie declared legally as unfit mother. As a result, she ultimately lost custody but always hoped one day she could get Anna back.

Anna is miserable at school, and with the death of her father, she wants to come live with Maggie in Pennsylvania. Noah, Maggie’s husband, and Caleb, Noah’s young son from his first marriage, can’t be more excited to have Anna join their family. But after Anna arrives, things go terribly wrong, and now Noah is on trial for Anna’s sudden and unexpected death.

High on courtroom drama, the story unfolds through Noah’s trial and before Anna arrived. Readers won’t suspect what actually happened once the truth is finally revealed. This is another enjoyable standalone from bestselling author, Scottoline!

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Swan Song by Robert McCammon

When tensions between the world powers boil over, the world is made into a complete wasteland when nuclear devices are deployed.  Sister, a New York city bag lady, finds an amazing piece of glass in the rubble that has strange and wonderful powers. Joshua, a wrestler on the pro circuit who happened to be stopped at a mid western country gas station when the bombs fall, comes to the aid of Swan, a young girl with special powers. As the survivors struggle to make their way in this bleak new landscape, they find themselves caught in the final battle between good and evil.

As a long time fan of Mr. McCammon’s books, I was overjoyed to see Swan Song on the top 100 list for The Great American Read. But I had never read it – maybe the sheer size of the book? I decided to make it one of my summer reads, and boy, am I glad I did! Honestly, this book has everything you want in a good story – relatable characters, fast pace, adventure, a mission, redemption, love – and so much more! Don’t let the page count scare you away from this book. Trust me, you’ll enjoy each and every one. Sorry, Mr. McCammon, for waiting so long to read your book. And thank you for writing it.