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Escape Room

Six strangers are brought together to play a game. They meet in an escape room and could win ten thousand dollars if they make it out. They soon realize that the game is very real. Once they escape a room, they enter a new room. But someone keeps dying. The remaining players figure out what they have in common but don’t know why someone is playing this twisted game with them. By the end, will there be any survivors?

I really liked this movie. I was surprised by how much. It was a tense, scary ride. You didn’t know what was going to happen next. I definitely recommend it! Rated PG-13


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The Girl in the Spider’s Web

Lisbeth Salander is back. She is still helping people right the wrongs that were done to them. This time she is hired to get back a program written that could control nuclear bombs. But something goes wrong and now Lisbeth is on the run and in search of a kidnapped boy. And she will come face-to-face with someone from her past. Will Lisbeth make it out alive?

I liked Claire Foy as the third reincarnation of Lisbeth. My favorite is definitely Noomi Rapace ,who starred in the Swedish trilogy of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This was a good next installment of the franchise and I wouldn’t be mad if they made another one. Rated R

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The Possession of Hannah Grace

Megan Reed (Shay Mitchell) is starting a new job. An overnight job at the city morgue. Her second night there she gets a body that is badly deformed. She also encounters a deranged man determined to get to the body. We find out that she is Hannah Grace and has been through an exorcism that didn’t work. Megan is soon fighting for her life. Can she defeat the evil that has come into her morgue?

This movie started out promising but the end wasn’t great. It was very abrupt. If you like to watch horror movies then I would still give this one a try. Rated R

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The Vanishing

Three lighthouse keepers, James (Gerard Butler), Thomas (Peter Mullan), and Donald (Conor Swindells), are going to the Flannan Isles in Scotland for six weeks. Once there they begin their duties but come across a body and a mysterious trunk. The man isn’t dead and attacks Donald, who ends up killing the man. They leave the body to the sea and take the trunk back. They open the trunk and find it full of gold. They decide to keep it but before they can leave the isle the really owners show up. What happens next determines who gets to leave the isle.

Based on the Flannan Isles Mystery from 1900, this movie imagines what could have happened to the three lighthouse keepers. That would have been terrible if that is what happened but it is a mystery that has never been solved. I really liked this movie. It kept my interest and made me look into the story of the Flannan Isles. Rated R

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This based on a true story movie takes us to 1996 when an expedition led by Rob Hall (Jason Clarke) and Scott Fischer (Jake Gyllenhaal) ends in tragedy. The two different expedition companies decide to team up to lead their customers to the top of the summit when the weather starts to turn. A fierce storms hits out of nowhere leading hikers stranded. At the time it was the most disastrous event to have happened on Everest.

All I know I is that I do not want to climb Mt Everest! This action filled movie keeps you hoping everything will be okay if you don’t know the story going into the movie. If you like based on a true event movies, then check this one out. Rated PG-13

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Hunter Killer

When a U.S. submarine is destroyed in Russian waters, a rookie Captain is sent out to find out what happened. At the same time, a team of Navy Seals is on a covert recon mission in Russia. They end up witnessing a coup against the Russian president. They now have orders to rescue the president and get to the sub. Can they pull off their mission?

This was a great action packed movie. It kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. Starring, Gerard Butler, Common, Gary Oldman, and Linda Cardellini. Rated R

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Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase

Image result for nancy drew and the hidden staircase dvdThe life that Nancy knew has changed. She along with her father, Carson Drew, have moved to his hometown of River Heights from Chicago after the death of her mother. Nancy is not adjusting well to the changes of moving or that of the loss of her mother. Nancy sticks up for anyone that she feels is being wronged or in trouble. Like her friend Bess, who is being bullied by a classmate. Coming to the rescue has not always endeared her to the local police of River Heights, which is what lands her in community service and a mystery finds her.

Nancy has a mystery on her hands and with the help of her friends Bess and George and popular “mean” girl Helen, will they solve what is going bump in the night at Twin Elms mansion? Who could the ghost be? Could it be the local bully? On the other hand, could it be that the ghost of original owner Malcolm Colfax is back to haunt Twin Elms?

I found the film to be entertaining and engaging. As a fan of all things Nancy Drew, I was happy when I heard that the film was being made and happy when I saw the trailer. I have to say that it did not let me down. I would recommend this to any Nancy Drew fan. I feel like they found the perfect cast for each role.

Sophia Lillis as Nancy Drew, Zoe Renee as George Fayne, Mackenzie Graham as Bess Marvin, Andrea Anders as Hannah, Laura Wiggins as Helen Corning, Sam Trammell as Carson Drew, Linda Lavin as Flora, Jay DeVon Johnson as Sheriff Marchbanks, Andrew Matthew Welch as Deputy Patrick and Jon Briddell as Nate. Rated PG